• Some of our beneficiaries

    Some of our beneficiaries

    We thank all these organisations for unbelievable work that they are doing in service to our communities.
  • Wine Action

    Wine Action

    The lot auctioned at the 2017 wine Action
  • Kempston and Rotary

    Kempston and Rotary "End Polio" Challenge

    "Moving for those who can't"
  • Youth Leadership Development

    Youth Leadership Development

    Rotary Youth Leadership programme "Finding your voice"
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Welcome to Gately Rotary

The Gately has 50 members, some of whom have been members for over 40 years, and some for less than 1 year, with ages spanning six decades. It is a melting pot of wisdom, experience, youthful energy and ambition – all aiming to Make a Difference in Our World. With a variety of backgrounds, the Club is enriched by a wide range of knowledge, expertise and capabilities. Having been established nearly 50 years ago, its character is built on many layers of annual efforts and achievements.

The functioning of the Club is influenced by the passions of its members, the guidance of Rotary International and the needs of the society that we live in. Rotary International is close to succeeding in eliminating Polio around the world. Our Club raises funding to support the Global Polio project, as well as our own major projects are aimed at raising the standards of vital Early Childhood Development, enabling young people to Find Their Voices as Leaders, supporting the establishment of Safety Nets for Abused and Vulnerable Women and Children and the warehousing and distribution of medical equipment, groceries and various materials to people in need. Each year, the Club also donates funds to organisations which are serving needy people in society.

Funding for these projects is sourced from our highly successful wine auction and other wine-related functions, ever more popular polio fun-run, the East London’s bi-annual harbour festival, growth on a Gately Trust fund, various bequests and funds shared by the Rotary International Foundation.

All of the considerable efforts of members is done voluntarily, who are often supported, also voluntarily, by the spouses and partners of members.

An important component of the Club’s service is youth development, which is achieved through support of a number of school Rotary Interact Clubs and a Rotaract Club for young people who have finished school.

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